Top Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Top Rhinoplasty Surgeon

How to choose the correct Rhinoplasty Surgeon for you.

How do you choose your Surgeon for a Nose Job? Well, what options do you have? Advertisements, Newspapers, Word of mouth, written testimonials, Yellow pages, magazine articles, Private hospitals, Wikipedia and web searches.

The list keeps going on. Just type into Google box the word “Nose Job” and see what happens. You are no better off, pages leaping out at you quoting all sorts of deals and discounts, both home and abroad. Cosmetic surgery is a booming and competitive industry, there is the common practice of hard selling, you know that and I know that too.

Let’s put it another way. What if you were looking for a particularly rare and unusual painting. Would you look in a supermarket?
Of course not. You would look for a “niche” market. You would seek an ultra specialist, someone who is highly trained at a very specific art or science for many years and has extensive experience. If you found such a person, then you wouldn’t mind having taken the time, energy and even expense in your search, agreed.

Now, if this invaluable work of art is your nose, would you not pay through your nose (pardon the pun) having made the discovery? How to find the most suitable surgeon for the job?  The answer is more simple than you would think.

You have the following options:

  1. A Generalist: It is generally agreed in the surgical world that to keep up to date, maintain expertise and high skill levels, the role of the generalist is dwindling. This applies widely, even in cosmetic  surgery. It is a good point of logic and recommended in most fields of modern medicine and surgery.

  2. A Specialist: We are getting warmer! We are entering the world of the Facial Plastic Surgeon. A highly trained doctor who concentrates his work in this field. Despite this, the facial plastic surgery world is under threat by someone even more specialised.

  3. An Ultra Specialist:  Now we are getting HOT and his is where we want to be. We have found our rare bird. There are a growing number of Facial Plastic surgeons who now focus their interest exclusively on Nasal Plastic Surgery, Rhinoplasty (Nose Job).

    It is only by doing this that they can achieve the required experience to justify themselves as a true Rhinoplasty expert. The Nose Job or Rhinoplasty as it is medically termed is the most demanding and challenging procedure in Cosmetic surgery, a little known fact. In any symposium or academic meeting on facial or cosmetic surgery, the “Nose Job” occupies pride of place with more than half the time spent on this fascinating subject.

    The rhinoplasty is the oldest and most written about procedure in facial cosmetic surgery. It is also unique in the world of facial plastic surgery where the art of the nasal plastic surgeon is wedded to the medical science of the ENT/ Otolaryngologist. This is the hall mark of the true Ultra Specialist.

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