Rhinoplasty & Nose Jobs

Nose jobs

The majority of rhinoplasties are done internally i.e. with incisions inside the nose and no external scars. Sometimes it is necessary to do them externally with a small external incision in the partition between nostrils known as the Columella. In time the scar becomes virtually invisible.

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nose job history

Nose/nasal plastic surgery

It is thought that the ancient Egyptians and Romans performed plastic cosmetic surgery.  There is the Smith papyrus in a museum describing in interesting detail manipulation of a fractured nose.  It was also thought the Romans performed simple techniques on damaged ears, possibly from the gladiatorial events at around the 1st century BC.

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Nasal tip in rhinoplasty

Non-surgical nose jobs

The non-surgical nose job is a new and exciting alternative available to patients interested in improving the shape of their nose without
 undergoing invasive surgery. The benefits of nose jobs without surgery are faster results, quicker healing time, and little or no pain.

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Rhinoplasty For Snoring

Septorhinoplasty for breathing & snoring disorders

This is a very common procedure performed by an ENT (Ear ,Nose and Throat Surgeon) to improve the nasal airway after trauma or other medical disorders.

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revision or redo rhinoplasty jpeg picture

Revision, redo or secondary Rhinoplasty

Extremely difficult for patient and surgeon!! Requires a super specialist in nose job recovery, a real top Rhinoplasty Surgeon. The improvements in surgical technique have dramatically improved the results of this most intruiging operation.

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Ethnic nose job/rhinoplasty

Asian/Ethnic Rhinoplasty

There is a rapidly growing demand from young Asians of both sexes for Cosmetic Rhinoplasty. Just take a look at the celebrity nose jobs from Bollywood. Indian, Pakistani, Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, African Caribbean. Ethnic Rhinoplasty is the most rapidly growing field in Cosmetic Rhinoplasty.

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The Tip of the iceberg- Rhinoplasty

Nasal tip sculpture

The tip Rhinoplasty… is just the tip of the iceberg. Highlighting true artistry and finesse. The Hallmark of a true top Rhinoplasty specialist surgeon. I like to use the iceberg image to separate the ordinary Rhinoplasty from the EXTRA ordinary one.

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nasal reshaping

Nasal reshaping/correction

The nose is the most prominent feature on the face. Clients are often embarrassed with certain isolated or a combination of nasal features. They are often camera shy and may lack self esteem and confidence.

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Luke Durham Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Surgeon


Consultation in person with renowned Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Surgeon, Luke Durham, Principal Surgeon and Clinical Director at Aesthetika Surgika, Sheffield.

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