Revision, redo or secondary Rhinoplasty

Extremely difficult for patient and surgeon!! Requires a super specialist in nose job recovery, a real top Rhinoplasty Surgeon. The improvements in surgical technique have dramatically improved the results of this most intruiging operation.

revision or redo rhinoplasty jpeg pictureMost experienced Rhinoplasty surgeons will quote a 10% "Revision Rhinoplasty" rate. I know this to be true. If Rhinoplasty is a specialist operation (and that is my strong belief) then Revision Rhinoplasty is a Superspecialist’s operation.
This is a specialty operation on its own ...and readily available in Sheffield, Doncaster and Leeds, Yorkshire.

Why is this the case?...

Well, there will be technical difficulties such as fibrous tissue scar formation, altered anatomy and slower healing. Whatever the difficulties and pitfalls, these are not excuses for avoiding the surgery. A major issue is the patients’ mental anguish. I was moved to read the various posts in certain forums especially concerning patients considering redo rhinoplasty…the mental angst, anger even following failed rhinoplasty.
Patients who seriously consider Revision Rhinoplasty need listening to with patience  and empathy by an experienced Rhinoplasty surgeon who has been humbled repeatedly by having to revise his own failures in the past and constantly strives to perfect his results. There is no greater satisfaction for me to succeed than in the most challenging aspect of Cosmetic Nasal Plastic Surgery.

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Luke Durham

Consultant ENT Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Principal Surgeon and Clinical Director
Aesthetika Surgika Sheffield