Nose Job case study 1

Luke Durham Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Nose Job the generic term for cosmetic nasal surgery. It is not as simple as it sounds. I prefer the term Aesthetic Rhinoplasty.

The term nose job, in lay parlance, is synonomous with cosmetic rhinoplasty. However, it implies that it may possibly be a straight forward procedure. This could not be further from the truth, as it is often referred to as the 'Queen of Operations'

This forthcomming blog series of case studies, will elaborate on material alluded to on previous pages. One of the most frequently  questions asked by my trainee surgeons is "Mr Durham are you going to do the procedure Open or Closed" ?

This makes me smile, as I still ask myself this very question even now.

There are several indications where an open (external) approach may be favourable :

  • A difficult rhino tip.
  • Where grafting is necessary.
  • Redo/Revision Rhinoplasty.
  • Augmenting the bridge.
  • Personal preference.

It is best to leave this to the surgeon to decide and of course there will be some variation amongst surgeons. What is truly fascinating about nasal cosmetic surgery, is that each case is unique and there is no 'one type fits all' method.

The Ethnic nose job highlights this most acutely. What I'm getting at is this, the term "Nose Job" implies that it is a straight forward reproducible procedure and that with snazzy 3D imaging software you may be promised the 'nose of your dreams' but nothing can be further from the truth. Indeed the vast majority of my patients understand this as they have researched their subject intensively for years and discussed this with me before surgery.

They have confronted their demons with bravery and put their trust in the surgeon of their choice. It is a tough call to get it right time after time. Meticulous detail in preparation and active listening skills are essential for a successful outcome.




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