Nasal tip sculpture

The tip Rhinoplasty… is just the tip of the iceberg. Highlighting true artistry and finesse. The Hallmark of a true top Rhinoplasty specialist surgeon. I like to use the iceberg image to separate the ordinary Rhinoplasty from the EXTRA ordinary one.

The Tip of the iceberg- Rhinoplasty ‚Ä®Surgery to correct prominent, bulbous, hooking or misshaped nasal tip features. This really can transform an ordinary nose job into an exceptional work of art! It requires great judgement, understanding and artistry.

Grafts can often be used from the Nasal Septum or ear cartilage. It can be performed in isolation or together with a full Rhinoplasty to turn a good nose job into a "Great  Nose Job"

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Luke Durham

Consultant ENT Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Principal Surgeon and Clinical Director
Aesthetika Surgika Sheffield