Nasal reshaping/correction

The nose is the most prominent feature on the face. Clients are often embarrassed with certain isolated or a combination of nasal features. They are often camera shy and may lack self esteem and confidence.

People often say to me and themselves...nasal reshaping

  • I want a nose job.
  • I am embarrassed by my nose.
  • The nasal hump is too big.
  • Is my nose too long?
  • Is my nose too big?
  • Is the tip too bulbous or big?
  • Is my nose twisted?
  • Are the nostrils too flared and big?
  • Does the tip hook downwards?

The transformation following a successful rhinoplasty is a rewarding experience for BOTH the client and Surgeon. It is essential that they mutually understand each other and discuss the realistically probable outcomes. This can only be achieved by a detailed and personal consultation focussing on YOUR needs! It is all about YOU and how you feel about your nose.

Nasal reshaping (actually means rhinoplasty) and the correction of certain nasal cosmetic aspects need an empathic and bespoke service.

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Luke Durham

Consultant ENT Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Principal Surgeon and Clinical Director
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