How do I choose a surgeon?

Finding the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons for TOP Rhinoplasty results. It is imperative to make sure you find the " Appropriate " nasal plastic surgeon for your Rhinoplasty. Remember that you are placing the success of your rhinoplasty surgery in his hands, so make sure you find a surgeon suitably experienced in ALL aspects of this type of surgery.

When you visit a surgeon, you’ll find that the best rhinoplasty surgeons demonstrate a clear understanding of the functional or breathing troubles that are frequently associated with patients undergoing rhinoplasty. Your surgeon's training in both specialities of Otolaryngology, as well as specific aspects of Facial Plastic Surgery  (ENT Surgery) is vital in understanding and being able to diagnose and correct the problems contributing to the functional respiration, sense of smell etc. associated with a lot of surgical nose job cases.

The experience of the surgeon is vital. It takes many years to be a competent rhinoplasty surgeon and more so to deal with all the complications that may arise. 
In the UK the rhinoplasty is most commonly performed by an ENT surgeon ( Otolaryngologist)  following trauma, nasal obstruction and coexisting problems. Ask your surgeon if he is an "Super Specialist" in the field of Plastic Nasal Surgery and Functional surgery of the nose. 

The nose sets the tone of the face, your nose must look good and function properly too.

The art of the nasal plastic surgeon with the science of the otolaryngologist is brought together par excellence in cosmetic rhinoplasty, the most difficult procedure in facial cosmetic surgery!