Consultation in person with renowned Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Surgeon, Luke Durham, Principal Surgeon and Clinical Director at Aesthetika Surgika, Sheffield.

Luke Durham Cosmetic Rhinoplasty SurgeonThis is the cornerstone to our future success with you. 

There is ABSOLUTELY NO obligation or pressure sell of our services.

During the consultation our aim is to provide you with the right information and Guidance.

We want this to be the beginning of a relationship to impact you and offer you our unique service.

I want to emphasise that I am NOT a "Jack of ALL trades" but a Pure Specialist  in the field of Rhinoplasty.

My reputation is spread by old fashioned word of mouth, service provision and guarantees of satisfaction.

There is NO limit to the number of our consultations… a warm welcome always awaits you.

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Luke Durham

Consultant ENT Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Principal Surgeon and Clinical Director
Aesthetika Surgika Sheffield