Celebrity Rhinoplasty - Persian Beauty Queen

Ten years ago a beautiful Iranian girl came from London to see me at my private clinic. She had a slight nasal deformity and wanted a rhinoplasty (nose job). She was clutching a stunning picture of her mother. She told me "My mother was a celebrity in Iran many years ago and she had her nose done by a famous visiting European surgeon, I was told to come to you" She wanted the surgery doing as soon as possible. I had a late cancellation and complied.

Celebrity RhinoplastyThe day after surgery before discharging her home she told me she was depending on the surgery for securing a top modeling career in Iran one month later. If only she told me earlier. To make matters worse she never returned for her follow up! I have often wondered what happened to her, was she successful?

What did the out come look like, was she happy with it etc. I took comfort in the fact that no news is good news! Patients always seek you out if they are unhappy. I suppose I felt cheated out of the pleasure of anticipating a good result. Such vanity too on my part. Yet that is what I love about my job, unbeatable job satisfaction.

Years Later I saw her picture. She was a model CELEBRITY in Iran.

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Luke Durham
Principal Surgeon and Clinical Director
Aesthetika Surgika Sheffield