Asian/Ethnic Rhinoplasty

There is a rapidly growing demand from young Asians of both sexes for Cosmetic Rhinoplasty. Just take a look at the celebrity nose jobs from Bollywood. Indian, Pakistani, Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, African Caribbean. Ethnic Rhinoplasty is the most rapidly growing field in Cosmetic Rhinoplasty.

Ethnic nose job/rhinoplastyIn someways it can be said that great chefs can adapt to the cuisine of different countries, likewise, with Ethnic Rhinoplasty, the surgeon has to artistically adapt to the subtle nuances of each race yet maintain the essence and integrity of their unique racial features.

The rhinoplasty surgeon must not use the so called "cookie cutter" method of one size fit all, thus imposing his fixed ideas , personal tastes and aesthetic preferences  to the patient.  Some patients from India or Pakistan may require reduction in shape and size, others from South East Asia may require increasing or augmenting their nasal profile.

Thus Ethnic Rhinoplasty is a dish best served by a Super Specialist in this field!

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