Luke Durham is my god.

I had 3 years of my life wasted due to a number of incorrect Rhionplastys.  I felt ugly, a freak.  So much so that when  first met Luke i could not even look him in the face, I was ashamed off my nose.  I met Luke after researching about him, I had had so many bad nose jobs I needed to get this right.  I met him and it was the best consultsion I had, I was happy, i wanted him to operate that day but he couldn't. A few weeks later I had surgery, its been 1 month now but I look a million times better than I have in years.  No words can ever describe what Luke has given back to me, I have my life back and I am eternally grateful.  I will leave my email with Luke and if anyone needs to ask how I'm doing or anything about Luke then I am only too happy to chat. 

Thank you Luke for giving me my life back.