About Luke Durham

Luke Durham is a Consultant Surgeon in ENT and Rhino-Plastic Surgery BOTH in the NHS and in Private Practice.

He leads a South Yorkshire association of Ultra Specialists based in Sheffield, Yorkshire with an increasing client base from all over the UK and beyond. As a Consultant Surgeon for more than 16 years he has personally performed over 1,000 Nasal and Rhinoplastic procedures.

Luke Durham Cosmetic Rhinoplasty SurgeonIn 1997 he was awarded the Sir Ernest Finch Travel Fellowship for Consultants and worked at the Head & Neck and Facial Plastic Unit of the Netherlands Cancer Institute, and later at the Head & Neck and Facial Plastic Unit of the World renowned “Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital “Bombay.

He has been a Member of the prestigious and elite “European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery “since 1997.

His work is focused on ENT Surgery; but, in the world of Facial Cosmetic Surgery… His passion is plastic surgery of the nose, Rhinoplasty. The most difficult and demanding procedure in ALL of Cosmetic Surgery. He is regarded as an ULTRA Specialist in this field. 

Mr. L. Durham FRCS.

Full Time NHS Consultant Surgeon,

Head and Neck Centre,

Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield

A Tertiary Referral Centre of Excellence